Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life Lately

So as you all know, indecisiveness runs in my family. Mom claims to be the queen and says Julie and I are the princesses. The only sense I think that's true is that princesses are queen's daughters, cause I can't believe Mom could possibly be more indecisive than me. All that to say, I keep switching back and forth from wordpress to blogspot, and I think (for now) I'm going to be sticking with blogspot because it seems to be a LOT easier to use.

The big news here at the beach this winter is of course--the snow! Ellis loves any snow he can get, but I'm not a fan of snow here in VA Beach. Because here it doesn't just mean pretty snow, or sledding or snowmen--it means that the world shuts down. No running to Target to grab thank-you notes or mailing a package at the post office. However, the one really nice thing is that people actually drive carefully for once! :)

We did have a really awesome time being "snowed in" in Lynchburg the very last weekend of January! Ellis was competing in the National Government Contracts Negotiations Competition at Liberty, and I came along with the team to hang out with my friend Tamara from college, and her husband and baby! Riley, Tam, Ellis, and I had an awesome time catching up and eating a ton of wintry food and drinking amazing hot chocolate! They live next door to some other friends of ours from NSA, the Heids, so we got to have a mini little college reunion!

The snow in Lynchburg!!

Riley with William (Nick and Jer's baby) and Asher (his and Tam's baby)

Us with Riley and Tam! yay!


Julie L said...

Yay! Loved it! And the pictures were great! Thanks!

Mousy said...

You had snow and you didn't like it!?!? You could at least have a snowball fight!! (shakes head)


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