Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby steps

Since I'm always posting pictures of things that I WANT to do, I thought I would just put up a couple pics of some things I actually finished! I've always been the girl reading 6 books at once and never finishing any of them, so when I finish something I get SO excited! And little though my projects be, I think I'm gradually getting a little better at finishing!

So first off, here's a little vest I made for my friend Christine's little boy, Evan.

And I've got just enough yarn left over to make one for Haymitch too! And then they can be matching sweater buddies together! Ha!

Then...I got a little sick of yarn this spring and got a new obsession in fabric...a couple friends of mine have been helping me sew, so this is the first of my simple sewing projects.

Just a simple white flannel blanket, but I love LOVE the birds on the other side! I've made a few other easy sewing projects--gotta get some pics on the computer!

And then finally, I crocheted a couple of baby blankets for a couple friends of mine. Here is my friend Allison's little cutie Benaiah posing with one of them!

P.S. I just had my last day of work EVER last week! I'm sooo excited!! I'm so excited to get to stay home with Haymitch and go on walks and hang out with people and pick up tons of new hobbies!

P.P.S. In just 3 days we are hitting the road for Idaho and Washington for the summer!! Can hardly wait to spend the next 3 months with family and college friends!!! Now I'm gonna go to bed so when I wake up it will only be TWO days! :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ali's Awesome Giveaway

My crafty inspiration friend Ali always has these awesome giveaways on her blog. This time it's for a super cute little lamb....which I totally want as a unique stuffed toy for Haymitch! I totally don't want him to be the kid--like Emily used to be, haha--with a huge hammock full of stuffed animals, but something fun and homemade like this--esp. by someone I love--is totally different!
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