Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life Lately

So as you all know, indecisiveness runs in my family. Mom claims to be the queen and says Julie and I are the princesses. The only sense I think that's true is that princesses are queen's daughters, cause I can't believe Mom could possibly be more indecisive than me. All that to say, I keep switching back and forth from wordpress to blogspot, and I think (for now) I'm going to be sticking with blogspot because it seems to be a LOT easier to use.

The big news here at the beach this winter is of course--the snow! Ellis loves any snow he can get, but I'm not a fan of snow here in VA Beach. Because here it doesn't just mean pretty snow, or sledding or snowmen--it means that the world shuts down. No running to Target to grab thank-you notes or mailing a package at the post office. However, the one really nice thing is that people actually drive carefully for once! :)

We did have a really awesome time being "snowed in" in Lynchburg the very last weekend of January! Ellis was competing in the National Government Contracts Negotiations Competition at Liberty, and I came along with the team to hang out with my friend Tamara from college, and her husband and baby! Riley, Tam, Ellis, and I had an awesome time catching up and eating a ton of wintry food and drinking amazing hot chocolate! They live next door to some other friends of ours from NSA, the Heids, so we got to have a mini little college reunion!

The snow in Lynchburg!!

Riley with William (Nick and Jer's baby) and Asher (his and Tam's baby)

Us with Riley and Tam! yay!


Julie Snider said...

Yay! Loved it! And the pictures were great! Thanks!

Mousy said...

You had snow and you didn't like it!?!? You could at least have a snowball fight!! (shakes head)


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