Monday, March 29, 2010

Real Life Post!

So finally here is something in our lives we have actually done, and not just an idea I daydream about doing. It's not much, but it was a really fun Saturday project and made me realize how much I missed Saturdays growing up when we would do something huge like organize the basement or work in the yard. I don't know if it's "nesting" or what, but my latest obsession is wanting to totally revamp everything. Previously I had been content to let our mish-mashed Goodwill furniture remain in its current state until the end of law school when we will move and start from scratch, but suddenly everything feels like it needs sprucing we decided to fix things in some small measure by painting a few drab pieces white.

So we hit Home Depot with a gift card from our wedding that we STILL hadn't used, and got some painting stuff, and then went to work on our tv table....for some reason the camera randomly likes to put in lines like a printer running out of ink....

....and our bedside tables!

Now both our bedroom and the family room look sooo much lighter and brighter...I should've taken before pics, but oh, well. But now that the tv table is painted, it just makes the bookshelf stick out even more...can't wait to get to that next! :)


Mindful Musings said...

Cute - great job!
I can't beleive you have fond memories of organizing the basement, or working in the yard- you kids always acted like it was torture!

Unknown said...

These pics look so good! Way to go getting something done!

Mousy said...


Mom the basement was TORTURE the yard not so much


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