Sunday, August 8, 2010

UK Trip Highlights Part One

Highlights of Our First Day Touring London
--Pret A Manger--this amazing sandwich shop in London that uses all natural ingredients and donates their daily leftovers to local charities. I got a lemon chicken sandwich and it was amazing!
--Hearing a little kid yell at us for saying the word "kiss." As we were walking away, he started calling for his mom, presumably to get her to lecture us.
--Watching two geese attack each other in St. James Park.
--Cuddling with Brody on the tube.

I knew if I waited to post on our trip until we got back, I'd be overwhelmed and not get around to writing anything! So I'm hoping to jot some short posts as we go along, and then a slew of pictures when we get back!

We were very thankful Mom didn't know about the first adventure of our trip: almost missing our flight out of DC. We encountered the craziest day of traffic ever, and so what should have taken 4 and a half hours, tops, ended up taking over 6 and a half hours. So we got to the airport less than an hour before our international flight--we (and our bag!) made it on, but we got a dirty look.

Once we got in Saturday morning, we hopped on the tube to the town of our friends Brad and Sarah Belschner and discovered that our international phone coverage wasn't working as planned, so we bumbled our way to their house. They weren't home, but as we were sitting on their front step wondering how we would ever find them, they drove up!

We spent our afternoon in the town of St. Albans, touring the gorgeous cathedral and windowshopping among the cute shops. We hit a fantastic pub for dinner (The Snug or something like that) during "Happiness Hour" and got two cocktails for the price of one (I got Mai Tais).

Today we went to the Belschners church and had a great fellowship lunch afterwards. Then Brad and Sarah, along with Maria and Alex, two of their friends from church, rode the tube downtown! We headed to the British museum and then Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square (my favorite!), St. James Park, and Big Ben and the Parliament Building. Tomorrow's our long day, and we're hitting Covent Garden for some shopping! Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Chelsea and I ate at Pret sooo often while we were there, and we loved it!! Lemon chicken was my favorite as well. :) I just found your blog, and I'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.

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