Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Break Beach Trip

For fall break this year, we headed down to Charleston, SC to meet up with my family (minus the British ones--missed you Brad and Rache!), Julie's boyfriend Nathan, family friend Lizzie, and my grandmother Ami, to celebrate Ami's 75th birthday.

Brody had a blast, haha.

Actually he really did have a blast with Auntie Em, as she liked to be called. Em is super great with her nephews, and got Brody to enjoy himself on the beach, despite the fact that his mom forgot to bring him a hat to protect him from the elements.

We enjoyed walking and chilling on the beach (and some people enjoyed the freezing ocean--not me--I like water to be at least 80 degrees :) ), playing games inside, and standing on the porch watching the alligator in the pond below as he stalked turtles.

Saturday morning we all decided to wake up to see the sunrise on the beach!

And we seized the opportunity for a family pic!

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