Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some finished things

I love using this blog as a sort of notebook to write down great ideas I want to do so I don't forget them, but then what I do forget to do is follow up and actually post the things that get checked off the list. Normally it's like turning in a paper: once I'm done, I'm DONE, and on to try and finish a few of the millions of things I've started and need finishing. But here are a couple of things that got done this fall. (these pics taken back before I got my d40)

First a blanket for Brad and Rache for Christmas. I started this in September and needed to send it off by Thanksgiving, and I think I did 3/4 of it in the last 2 weeks, when panic set in. It was a really fun pattern--I love doing blankets and just pulling them out to work on whenever I watch a movie. Fun as it was, though, I think I prefer crocheting blankets cause it just goes so much faster!

Then also finished Brody's quilt in October! Or I should mom finished it. This summer I got it 95% done....but I just was not motivated to finish the last bit of the binding. But that's what's so great about moms! When Mom came to visit, she sat down and finished the binding in like 10 minutes! Thanks Mom!

The quilt is pretty much a complete copy of Purl Bee's Zig Zag Quilt, colors, fabrics, and everything. I just loved the original so much, and figured for my first quilt I would just go with what I knew I loved! Molly's tutorial on Purl Bee is super great and easy to follow, and I can't wait to make quilts for all my kids! And maybe one day this quilt:


Tamara said...

Wow, Hope! I love the blanket you knitted! That is amazing! And I'm SO on the same page as you are. Crochet blankets are WAY faster!

The Bakkens said...

I love both blankets. I thought to ask you for your pattern for the knit blanket but then remembered how I was hating myself for choosing to knit Isaiah's baby blanket instead of crochet.... never again.

keebadders said...

Congrats on completing your blanket and quilt! I have piles of "in progress" crochet projects around my apartment but seem to keep getting bored and moving on instead of finishing anything!

Melanie H. said...

You finished the quilt! Yay! And look, it came with an adorable baby to boot. ;-)

L R said...

The blanket leaves me speechless. It is beautiful. i love the softness of the monotone mixed with the texture of the pattern. great job on the quilt as well!

Hope said...

thanks guys!

Tam, when you gonna come see me? I miss you!

Amy, I looked for a link on ravelry. They don't have the exact pattern, but they have some other square ones, just in case you wanted to be a glutton for punishment and knit instead of crochet. ;)

Kee! that is the story of my LIFE! I gotta have deadlines! :)

Melanie, thanks, he is my favorite part ;)

thanks, Laura, can't wait to get together with you next week! xoxo

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