Friday, June 10, 2011

Pre-birthday Brody movie marathon

Brody will be one tomorrow. Maybe I should be jumping up and down, but it's actually really bittersweet. I know the next steps will be just as fun and exciting as this past year has been, but it's so much fun now, I want this to last forever! Anyway, it happened so fast, and so now I'm scrambling to catch up on these old vids before we get a bunch of fresh new 1-year-old footage! So hope you enjoy these vids of our best buddy ever!

This one was one night in mid April--so 10 months. Playing with Dad before bed.
In this one, we had an early birthday party for Brody in VA Beach with our friends there, and he went CRAZY over the wrapping paper!

This is how Brody spent his time during Ellis' graduation ceremony.

And last, Brody loves swimming almost as much as he loves music and dancing. When we first put him in the pool a few weeks before this, he went nuts, paddling around like a wind-up toy. I tried to get that on video here, but by the time I pulled out the camera, he was kind of tuckered.

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