Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby favorites--Months 1-6


I just discovered this really cool site called Polyvore, where you can clip photos of different products and make collages. I've seen people build outfits with it, taking clothes and accessories from different stores and getting to see them all together. Pretty cool. I haven't done that yet, but I have a bunch of friends that are having babies and trying to figure out what they need and what they don't.

Everyone's different, but here are some of my favorites so far. :)

1. The Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym. Brody's outgrown this now, but from 2 months till Brody was starting to sit pretty proficiently, this was awesome. In fact, it was MAGIC. When I had to get stuff done, I could just plop Brody down on this and he would entertain himself forEVER. Put him in the Bumbo, waaaah. In a bouncer, waaaah. A swing, waaaah. But he was completely fascinated by this. Also, I think it's one of the cutest activity mats, at least of ones that aren't like 80 bucks.

2. Boppy. (These aren't necessarily in order of how much I love them--just clockwise from the middle)When Brody was first born, I thought this was the most pointless baby "necessity"--I think I used it for nursing maybe twice. So it got thrown in Brody's closet and forgotten about--until he started sitting. Once he started sitting, he wasn't interested in lying on his tummy or back--but his balance wasn't all there, so he would topple and bang his head and then start screaming. The bumbo was TOO much of a cheat--plus it always made him mad after just a few minutes, but if we put a boppy behind him, he could just sit and play until he fell and then fall on something soft--and--no screaming!

3. SwaddleMe--For Brody, this was the magic sleeping tool his first 2 months....he's loved his sleep since day one, and when he was wrapped in a swaddler. You can totally swaddle in a receiving blanket, but he never stayed in those. But these velcro so he couldn't get out. And wherever he was--in a crib, on the floor, being held...he immediately and blissfully drifted to sleep as SOON as we fastened him in.

4. Kushies Polka Dot Changing Pad--honestly, it doesn't have to be this changing pad, but it's cute and I like that it can be thrown in the washer. But basically, besides the nursing cover and the diapers and wipes, it was the only thing I actually cared if it was in the diaper bag. It's not glamorous or unusual, but it's GREAT for traveling, and it's my fav for a gift stash--I just bought a bunch off Amazon, and now they're ready to give to people whenever they need it!

5. The Ergo Baby Carrier. LOVE IT. I started out with the Moby wrap when Brody was itty bitty, and it was great, but took so long to get on and tie that I always dreaded it. Maybe other people are handier with lng strips of fabric than me, but I LOVE my Ergo. It hangs from your shoulders, but also has a support band around the hip, so it doesn't put strain on your back. It's easy to snap on, Brody loves it and you can wear it as a front carrier or a backpack carrier. Also, you can use it all the way through toddlerhood...till like 35 pounds or something. BEST THING EVER.

A lot of people love the Johnny Jump Up, and I WISH I could have used it, but sadly our apartments don't have doorjambs. So no Johnny Jump Up and no chin up bar for Ellis. I loved the idea of a Johnny Jump Up cause it's so little and easy to put away and store, but oh, well. Brody is using a huge hulking Jumperoo instead, which he got for Christmas, and LOVES--it'll probably be on the next list if I make one.


L R said...

Great post, Hope. Mention of the chinup bar made me laugh as we had an issue with putting one up in our last place because the doors were too wide.

To me the swaddlers = sleep for mommy. Is a mommy able to praise product higher than that?

Even though this post was about items you like, it showed a lot about who Brody is. My girls love swings, yet that was not is thing and he loves his play mat.

I have been building a top favorite items list myself and swaddlers and babywearing will be among the list.

I would love to hear about more of your favorite things. ~LR

Mindful Musings said...

Don't you think the nursing cover belongs at the top of the list? That is the one I most wish had been around when I had babies!

Hope said...

haha, yes! but that was homemade so I didn't have a picture of it. I guess I coulda pulled a pic of a non-homemade one! But I love my specially made one from Tam!

Hope said...

Laura! I would love to see your favorite things list! I feel like you are such a pro. I am LOVING Nourishing Traditions, btw--thanks so much for lending it!

alli said...

I love this too!!! Such a good idea! Like L., many people swear by the swing but Benaiah actually screamed whenever he was in it. One of my favorite things was the Johnny Jump Up. If he was moving, he was happy! And swaddlers were MY BIGGEST LIFESAVER!!!! Thanks to L. I was a happy mommy =) And Hope, what about your BOB stroller?!?!

Hope said...

yeah, Allison! the BOB is AWESOME, of course! I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me to put it on! I guess cause I felt like everyone knows to get a stroller...but yes, having a jogging stroller, and especially a nice jogging stroller, is FABULOUS!

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