Friday, February 11, 2011

some weekend V-Day ideas

I love Valentine's. I mean, it's always been fun, but our first year in VA Beach, my friend Jenna got me totally HOOKED on it! She mails out Valentines to all her friends and family every year, so the last 2 years I hopped on that train too!

Last year, I did the Purl Bee's Fabric Window Valentines. Definitely took a while, but I loved how they turned out! Halfway through, my fingers were hurting so bad that I got the brilliant idea to draw "sewing marks" with a pen and not actually sew around the "fabric." (for me, it was leftover wrapping paper instead of fabric) MUCH less painful--and faster!-- after that.

Here are some fun ideas for Valentine's this year! (You have 3 whole days--or more, if you do the belated thing, which is totally legit in my book!)

Valentine Tea Bags from Design Sponge
so doing this next year

And you would not believe how many places I've seen these--everybody's into these free adorable fruit stickers from Twig and Thistle

I'm probably going to end up doing something simple inspired by this below, also from Armelle. I love things that don't take much in the way of supplies!

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