Thursday, March 24, 2011

home sweet home

It's recently starting to dawn on me that in less than 7 weeks, we're leaving Virginia Beach! When we first moved here, I was counting down the days till we could pack it up and head back West, but now that it's coming down to it, there are so many people and places we love here! I'm going to miss having so many fabulous friends within a 30 second walk! My friend Melissa is literally a hop, skip, and a jump away. I really think if I made a super big hop, a wollop of a skip, and a leap I could make it to her front door in 3 moves.

But ANYWAY, it occurred to me that I have family and friends back home that have been asking for 3 years for apartment pics. Some of our families have seen it, but some not since the primitive early stages, and by the time graduation comes along, who knows if we'll even have a couch!

Umm, Nota bene: I snapped the pics back in December, so pardon the Christmassy touches. (I promise they're not up now!)

view from the front door --warm greeting from our TV, haha
(can't wait to have a place where the TV is not the first thing you see!)

kitchen--I love our bar that goes into the dining room!
perfect for handing plates through or serving on the bar when I
don't want to get serving dishes dirty!

Brody's room! once was Ellis' office and we thought it might be a multi-functional space but I don'tthink Ellis has studied in here ONCE post Brody!

(p.s. notice the water jugs under the desk? We bought them for the hurricane that was supposed to hit in the fall and can't wait to drink them in picnic season!)

our room--LOVE my Urban Outfitters quilt--thanks, Mom!!

Ellis says one of the things he loves about me is how I always have EVERY SINGLE DRAWER a little bit open (I think that's a nice way of saying, "can you please close the drawers?")--you would THINK I could at least close all the drawers for a photo!

and for a very anti-climactic finish, the bathroom! best part--check out Brody's diaper sprayer on the left side of the toilet!

Looking at these pics, it's really easy to sit here and just think about all the things that I want to change or want to do differently next time, but this little place will always be our first apartment and so there's a little sentimental sappy piece of me hidden in there that knows that no other apartment or house can ever replace this one, even with its gross carpet and my bad choice of shower curtain.

BUT....that said, I am SOOOO excited for our next move and our next place, and for having a brand new space to get to play with!

ETA shameless plug: Virginia Beach friends....let me know if you want any furniture--it's ALL for sale for super cheap! (almost everything for 15 or less)


WoodElves said...

Hope, you have such a cute place! I love seeing what everyone did with the same space... yours is so bright & airy. I really love it.


Ashley Antkowiak said...

OH GOODNESS I love your dresser! Even with the drawers open lol.

Elizabeth said...

I love your home, Hope! Such retro, bright taste! So, so cute.

Grace said...

I love that quilt. I had been eyeing it for so long! Looks great in your place!

Kathryn Church said...

Love love love it!! And love that you'll MAYBE??? be living closer!????

Hope said...

thanks so much, guys!!

Kathryn--PROBABLY....we're still ironing things out, but I'd say 90% either Moscow or Wenatchee!! I'll keep you posted FOR SURE!

Caleb and Kirsten said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brody's white crib and changing table/dresser set!!! Are you selling those, or taking them with you?

Hope said...

you know, Kirsten, those are actually Jamie's....she was really sweet and lent them to us!

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