Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new Brody pics!

Doing some Brody catch up this week--with videos and now some newer photos. yay!

Even though Brody's FAVORITE "toys" are things like cell phones and electrical cords, water bottles, and thermoses, there are still a few actual toys that will hold his attention!

He totally digs his activity table. He's really grown into too--when he first got it, his standing stamina wasn't was it is now, and after a while I would hear a panicked whimper and look to see him with his legs so straddled that he couldn't stand.

He also loves this car/walker converter he's borrowing from a friend right now. He loves using it both as a car and a walker--though sometimes he pushes the walker faster than he can actually walk and does a faceplant.

Apparently pens are also a new favorite

Proof that he does indeed smile

And of course, one of the best toys EVER, the mirror!


Sarah said...

Soooo adorable!! Love that kid so much.

Hope said...

he loves you too, if you're the Sarah I think you are, haha! and he's very thankful for you giving up your bedroom for him for 3 nights! thank you!

Unknown said...

He is the cutest little mischief maker Hope! I love his ink-stach (and your blog is fun to read!)

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