Saturday, March 26, 2011

some Brody vids

I've been TERRIBLY remiss in posting footage of here are a few to catch you up.

He's still not doing the classic crawl, but he manages to get into everything pretty quickly by doing what looks like the breaststroke on land, or like he's doing the worm over and over again. We're hoping maybe this means he's inherited Ellis' dancing genes?

And then we have a couple of OLD vids back from our trip out West at the end of Jan/beg of Feb.

Here are Brody and Auntie Bettye playing the piano!

And then finally, nothing makes Brody laugh like being hit somehow.


Kara said...

Ohhhhh goodness, that crawl is too cute!

Rache said...

Crazy. I haven't seen that crawl before. Amazing. I feel like I hardly know my own nephew! It's been WAY too long.

Rick Littlejohn said...

He makes a couple of Brody faces in the last video. I love it and can't wait to see him next month!

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