Friday, March 25, 2011

nice, fresh, non-toxic clean

Guess what we're doing? Magazine purging!!! Any and all kinds of purging get me excited (well, except for throwing up!)--I just love that feeling of ousting something that was doing nothing by sitting around my house like a parasite, creating clutter. SO satisfying!

Anyway, I love magazines, and when I find one with lots of good ideas, it's so hard for me to throw it away, even though of course, I don't need the whole magazine. I tried the 3-ring binder with folders in it a couple years ago, and that didn't really take because I hated having loose clippings that could fall out of the folder, BUT I was inspired by Caitlin at Pink Peppers, who said she glued her decoration inspiration into an old accountant ledger.

My solution is a little less charming than an old ledger, but it's the same general idea. I purchased 3 ugly "composition books."Yes, THESE. Very classic. One for decoration inspiration/"house stuff," one for food and travel, and one for kids/family/general life ideas. I'm planning on recovering the books, but for now it's exciting enough to cut and glue away!

Anyway, in one old issue of Real Simple, they had a great article on cleaning with everyday products that was too big too clip n' glue, but too great to pass up, so here are some of their awesome clips I wanted to make sure and remember, and hopefully you will like them too!


--Add a teaspoon to your dishwashing detergent to cut grease. (I'm wanting to try putting it in the dishwasher itself with the detergent...not sure that's what they mean, but sounds fun)
--Add 1/2 C. lemon juice to a load of laundry to brighten whites.
--Rub lemon on stained plastic tupperware to brighten.
--And, OF COURSE, feed them to your disposal. One of my FAVORITE things to do is feed any kind of citrus to the disposal. mmmmmmm!

Essential Oils:

--Use orange oil to get gum out of things.
--Use lemon oil to clean soap scum out of the shower.
--Put a few drops of your fav oil inside the toilet paper tube--every time you use it, it will smell nice. HAHA, love that!
--Use lavender or lemongrass oil (10 drops to 2 ounces of water) to clean windows (helps repel flies)

Castile Soap (Dr. Bronner's):

--Make your own "SoftScrub" by combining 1 T. castile soap and 1/3 C. baking soda. Right now we're using Mrs. Meyer's version of SoftScrub, but this will be cheaper.

(The next things aren't pretty, so no pics)

Cooking oils:
--Rub vegetable oil on wicker and rattan furniture to prevent drying and cracking.

--Put a bit on a cloth and rub on tarnished silver.

--Pour salt on oven spills to soak them up. Makes it easier to clean out the oven. (I HOPE so! ovens are the WORST!)
--Sprinkle on grease spots on wooden counters/tables. Wait an hour, and then brush away the salt.

These are just the ones I wanted to never ever forget--check out the whole article for more ideas here at!


Rick said...

Dad LOVES Bronner's soap! He first bought it for backpacking but he likes it so much he uses it for regular showers now - whenever I let him ( it kinds creeps me out). It's kind of weird to think of using it for cleaning your body and your house- the ultimate all-in-one product ;-)

Mindful Musings said...

That was Mom, obviously ;-)

Hope said...

haha, I KNOWWW!!! that's exactly how I remember Bronner's soap too, Mom!! I didn't know Dad liked to use it at home now too!

(yeah, at first I thought it was Dad talking about himself in third person, and I was like, "this is weird....")

Love you!

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