Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah's Bathroom

While I've been sick, I have been furiously trying to finish the knitted throw I'm making for Brad and Rachel for Christmas. I know--I never am panicked about Christmas presents over a month before Christmas. But actually I have only 2 weeks to finish this since they will be in the US for the next couple weeks and then after that back to Scotland! So I'm hoping to send it to them while they're in the US to save (a LOT) on postage!

And while I knit I watch things (or, when I'm being holy, listen to sermons--LOVE Mark Driscoll's sermons!). And somehow I have morphed from thinking my mom was weird and boring to watch HGTV when she was at the gym, to HGTV being the only thing I watch. One of my favorite design shows is Sarah's House, a show about a designer renovating an old country farmhouse.

This afternoon she did her main bathroom, and I was completely in love.

Favorite part: the window. I love that there is a window (as opposed to our cubicle cave bathroom) and I love the gorgeous curtains and how they look with the incredible old tub.

I also love the tile on the floor. Wish I could find a close-up pic for you because it was to die for. Well, just squint as hard as you can at the spot on the lower left-hand corner. Even that is gorgeous. :)


L R said...

I love footed tubs. Maybe one day :)

Ashley Antkowiak said...

I absolutely love sarah's house! I've only seen 2 episodes so far (snuck them in while hanging out at my Mom's house since we don't have tv). Have you seen the entryway they did? Stone floors, built in closets.. pure amazingness. Plus Sarah herself is just adorable. Glad to see someone else is a fan!

Hope said...

For all the whining we do about the mandatory cable at our apartment complex, it sure comes with perks, and we'll probably miss it when it's gone!

I don't think I've seen the entryway episode. The only entryway I've seen was a mudroom and powder room, which were fabulous too!

Hope said...

Hey I just checked and you can watch Sarah's House (and Color Splash and Dear Genevieve--my other 2 favs) on Hulu. They don't have the farmhouse season, but still, good stuff! :)

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